Ensuring a Stable and Healthy Future for Older Angelenos

Older Angelenos spend a large share of their incomes on housing, and low-income earners above age 60 are among those most struggling to keep up with rising costs. By increasing  affordable housing access for these residents, the City of Los Angeles hopes more older adults are able to age in place to create a stable and healthy future for all.

How the Program Works for Tenants

Tenants participating in the LA ADU Accelerator Program are guaranteed housing for three years at an affordable rental rate. Tenants reside in accessory dwelling units, offering them independent living spaces, each of which include a private entrance, kitchen, and bathroom. Tenants are also able to access additional resources for older adults and assistance from a service provider and case manager. 

Program Eligibility Requirements

The LA ADU Accelerator Program is looking for tenants who are cooperative, embody the spirit of sharing, are responsible and respectful, and open to having proactive dialogue with landlords and program staff.

Eligible applicants must: 

Eligible individuals may apply regardless of legal status, and may be asked to provide financial documents, such as pay stubs, tax statements or social security payments to verify income.

How to Apply

Are you an older adult ready to be considered for one of our program's safe, private and affordable units?

Our program staff would love to learn more about you and your housing needs. Complete this five-minute Tenant Interest Form to begin your application. We cannot gaurantee every applicant will receive a spot in the LA ADU Accelerator Program.