The LA ADU Accelerator Program

What is the LA ADU Accelerator Program?

The LA ADU Accelerator Program partners with homeowners to rent their accessory dwelling units (ADU) to older adults facing housing insecurity. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as tenant screening, timely rent, and landlord support.

How does the program work?

Eligible homeowners undergo a screening process to assess programmatic fit, landlord fit, and ADU quality. Once accepted into the program, homeowners are matched with a qualified tenant who pays a predetermined affordable rental rate. Selected homeowners and tenants agree to participate in the program for three years. Homeowners receive reliable rent and additional benefits from participating in the program. 

The program process has been designed to ensure a safe, easy, and efficient experience for interested homeowners.

When will the next application cycle open?

The application will open in summer 2020. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Who is eligible to apply to the program?

To be eligible to apply to the LA ADU Accelerator Program, homeowners must: 

Does the City provide building and permitting assistance as a part of this program?

No, the City does not provide such assistance.

Can homeowners opt-out of the program at any point?

We are looking for homeowners who are committed to the duration of the program. However, if you have worked with your case manager and determined this program is not right for you, you may withdraw after you have housed a tenant for a minimum of one year.


How much do homeowners receive in rent?

Homeowners receive the following monthly rental payments for their units:

What happens if tenants do not pay their rent?

Tenants are pre-screened to ensure they can afford monthly rental payments. In the event a tenant does not pay rent, homeowners should notify their case manager to rectify the situation.


Who are the prospective tenants?

Older Angelenos spend a large share of their incomes on housing, and low-income earners above age 60 are among those most struggling to keep up with rising costs. Through the LA ADU Accelerator Program, the City of Los Angeles will increase affordable housing access for these residents. For more information on tenant eligibility requirements, please visit our tenant page.

How does someone become an eligible tenant?

Tenants are referred to the program through our partner service provider or through applying on our website. Please visit our tenant page for more information.