Many architects have designed affordable ADUs that homeowners can build within a reasonable budget ($100,000-$270,000). Working with an architect that understands your needs and can design your ADU accordingly will make building one more attainable. Architects can also help you work with contractors and navigate the permit process. Scroll down for examples of ADUs built in LA to get you inspired!

Check out AIA's Architect Directory to find an architect and the Contractors State License Board to find a licensed contractor. 


an ADU in a backyard
Perlita ADU

1BR 1BA/487 sq ft. 
Estimated Total Budget: $199,705 
Designed by office42 architecture 


ADU in luscious backyard
Connect 2

1BR 1BA/640 sq ft. 
​Estimated Total Budget: $252,086
Designed by Connect Homes

ADU Building Block
West Adams ADU

1BR 1BA/675 sq ft. 
​Estimated Total Budget: $220,000
Designed by Building Blocks

an ADU in Venice
Venice ADU

1BR 1BA/380 sq ft. 
​Estimated Total Budget: $175,000
Designed by Duvivier Architects

Prefab ADU
OMD prefabADU®

1BR 1BA/560 sq ft. 
​Estimated Total Budget: $197,000
Designed by Office of Mobile Design, a Jennifer Siegal company

ADU plant prefab
LivingHome AD1

1BR 1BA/406 sq ft. 
​Estimated Total Budget: $173,000
Designed by PlantPrefab