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Bloomberg Philanthropies designed the Mayors Challenge to incentivize local leaders to think creatively, test new approaches, and identify groundbreaking innovations to solve their most urgent problems. The City of Los Angeles is one of eight cities to win the 2018 U.S. Mayors Challenge.

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Los Angeles as a Recipient of The Mayors Challenge Grant

Los Angeles was selected as a winner of the 2018 Mayors Challenge grant for its innovative approach to alleviating its housing crisis. With the $1 million grant, the City will offer financial incentives to single-family homeowners who rent their ADUs to residents in need for an agreed upon period of time. The City is committed to increasing LA’s overall housing stock and providing homes for hundreds of low-income and housing insecure Angelenos throughout the duration of its program. 



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The Idea: Tackling the Housing Crisis One Small Dwelling at a Time

In 2018, the Mayor’s Innovation Team spent six months  testing the core components of its idea with residents, improved and refined its proposals, and developed a plan for implementation and impact measurement. The idea emerged after three years of research on ADUs as well as the City of Los Angeles Pilot ADU Project which was commissioned by Mayor Garcetti’s Innovation Team in order to test policy, data collection, process improvements and other important aspects of the process. 

The Problem:
There is an insufficient supply of affordable housing for city residents.

The Solution:
The City of Los Angeles will offer financial incentives to single-family homeowners in exchange for building ADUs on their properties and committing to rent them to someone who is low income or housing insecure for an agreed upon period of time. 

Read more about the City of Los Angeles Mayors Challenge proposal here.

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